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So, you know our audience is THE killer consumer, the tastemaker meets buyer and the must convince person you need on your side... and we love you for that.


POPrepublic.tv readers are the best. They make the hits, they watch the shows, they buy the clothes, they travel, go to gigs, eat out alot and well, just have incredibly fabulous lives.


They know whats hot and whats not - and they love US, the POPrepublic.tv crew for showing them our picks as to what would make life so much funner (yeah - its a word, google it! lol) We have been around for eons (since 1999 actually) and it's shows... whilst other platforms come and go - we roll on, giving a massivly increasing audience the best of the best, its a hard task, but someone has to do it, regardless of the trends that comes and go.


So, now, we not only have our self service platform for banner ads on our website and APP! (yes - we have an app! its 'totes awesome')


But if you want a little helping hand, or cover off sponsorship opportunities, eDM, experiential or partnerships, then fill in the form below - we would love to chat to you.



Tell us your budget outline so we can best service your requirements
let us know any other information, like run dates, requests, information you want us to tell you - or anything else of importance.


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