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by poprepublic    
(Updated: May 06, 2015)
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Not what you expect

If the marketing for this release is anything to go by - don't be fooled... I swear they wanted to underplay the fabulousness of this movie to make sure it was a viral hit...

but crappy lead up aside, this is well worth the money to see at the movies.

Sure its a DVD movie - but why wait - thats our opinion - its F'n funny...

the script throughout is solid and hilarious,... not just one or two funny moments from the trailer, but trust us - its a gaggle a minute. And from the loud mouth lady sitting behind us at the vip screening - you will love it more than she did!!! i am still deaf from the laughter.

I agree with giggly gurt - it was a fabulous movie.

Tacky 80's bond style credits lure you into a sense of safety whilst Melissa McCarthy not only delivers her regular brilliance, but ten fold on this one, she is amaze... and add Miranda Hart into the mix - you have a new comedy buddy duo that NEEDS to appear in another film.

The rest of the cast are not only genius but amazing as well... i feel that this is the new Austin Powers franchise. Please, give us more of this... i cant wait to go to the cinema again if this is whats on offer.

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