Casey Donovan - Big, Beautiful and Sexy

She is one of Australia's favourite singers and has literally been through the music industry ringer several times over in a short time exposed to the business thanks to Australian Idol - but Casey Donovan hasn't let it all get the better of her, she has thrown down the gauntlet to the 'suits', walked in her own shoes as a musical artist, picked up her acting chops by treading the boards in a fabulous theatrical tour-deforce across Australia and is about to let loose on the world with a new single - independently of course! caught up with Casey to chat about the new project, her theatre experience and what she has inshore for us in this chapter of her very interesting life.

What was the motivation behind writing Big Beautiful and Sexy as a single?

The motivation was me, writing a song from personal experiences and getting it out there.

For a time, you were gigging at events like Woodford etc- what appeal does the folk and indie scene have for you as an artist, who has a massive pop following?

The indie and folk scene appeal to me because I love the sound of folk and I like to write folk music, but I also am an independent artist now a days and I love seeing what that scene has to offer. Although writing pop music is something that I also take under my wing. I love all music and its great to experience new things.

Are there plans for a new album thanks to this single?

Hopefully fingers crossed Yes, I’m looking to jump back into the studio at the end of the year, but for now I will just be realising singles to lead up to an album.

If yes, what can we expect from the album?

I have a massive back log of songs, and they are all saying pick me, but who knows something exciting  is to come out of this album…..

You have been tearing up stages nationwide in your own shows and as part of theatrical productions recently - how has it felt to jump from the love scene back into the recording and releasing environment?

It is so different and somewhere I feel at home, its great to be back in a studio, although yes it is very different from being on stage.  I love it, testing new limits and getting the sound I want.

How was the theatrical experience? Did it alter you in any way as a performer?

The theatre was great it has taught me so much in the acting part, I think it has given me more confidence in my stage craft, and has strengthened other areas of my performance.

You are a strong role model for many Australians - what would you like to see happen as a result of the upcoming federal election?

omg if I get into politics, it is going to confuse me when writing my songs or learning lines for stage :)

Do you have any plans to tour for this single or album?

I have I start my tour ‘Big, Beautiful & Sexy’ on the 7th of August this Saturday touring around Sydney and up to the Central Coast (NSW) then head up to the Brisbane Festival to perform on the 16th of September 2010. Fingers crossed we can add more dates and get this tour going around Australia.

You can join Casey's very own Group right here.

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