Dannii Minogue Celebrates her birthday by raising funds for HIV Charity

12046814 10206570120465652 4362376062979552844 nInternational superstar, Dannii Minogue has held her very own "BINGO" night in Sydney, with all funds raised going towards the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation - an organisation in Sydney that assists those living with HIV/AIDS.

The singer and tv star was flanked by professional "Tranny Bingo" hostesses, Penny Tration and Minnie Cooper who hosted an evening that was a tonne of fun and entertaining for the crowd that found out about the surprise gig.



Robert Manser

Rob loves his boy bands and has worked with most of them. When it became too hard to work in Australia with the media - he started Giving a voice to the pop culture scene for over 16 years (check dates depending on when you read this.) In his other life he is a creative director, film maker, photographer and designer... but pop is his one true love. Along with imaginary boyfriends, Nick Lachey and Channing Tatum  (his husband approves).

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