Witchery Gets Celeb Help To Raise Cash For Cancer

In Australia, one woman will die from ovarian cancer every 10 hours. As this disease has few symptoms and no reliable early detection test, women need to develop awareness.

Witchery launched the White Shirt Campaign in 2006 to raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) for its goal to develop and implement a detection test. The campaign has raised over $1.5 million to date. This year, the limited edition collection includes seven pieces for men and women and will arrive in Witchery stores from Monday, October 5, 2009.

Presenter Jules Lund and actress Asher Keddie are the faces of the campaign. To express your support, purchase a piece of the collection and Witchery will donate 100% of the proceeds to OCRF.

The VS Sassoon You Curl

For donkeys the hair market has been overcrowded with very expensive, ineffective and cumbersome hair curlers, straighteners and other appliances. Just because someone was charging an absolute fortune for them does not mean that they are in any way good.

Along comes Vidal Sassoon - who have not only delivered a funky and fun unit, but the price is phenomenal! Only $59.95 at most outlets is all you will pay for what we now will deem a "must have" hair appliance for the ladies.

A one movement curler (and straightener) gives anyone the power to have salon ready hair in a few seconds!

No uni degree is required to operate it either.. simple, fun and fab.

The thing i like most about this - is the price point - it delivers the max that you could want from this type of device and you have plenty of cash left over for other purchases.

VS You Curl is available at all good stockists and gets a whopping 5/5 POPpoints from us!

Fangle launches Spring 2009 Range

Personality is a rare thing in the jewellery business, and we have discovered a unique and stylish jeweller that can deliver cost effective fashionable pieces for your collection or just for your night out on the town - from red carpets to the clubs, you will turn heads wearing one of Samantha Hunter's creations...

Cutely named 'Fangle Creations' are a Blue Mountains based design house drawing inspiration from nature, elements and fashion influencing designs, colour and styles. Each piece embodies a sense of dynamic art destined to be a conversation point.

Most pieces are designed as individual one off's, or a limited collection of wholesale lines so a Fangle piece is truly yours to flaunt at will.

Fangle's Spring line has just launched, so do yourself a favour and head on over to their website for more info - and to grab the pieces before they get snatched up by the fashion hungry elite!

Equmen ‘Core Precision Undershirt’ V-neck T-Shirt

When I first heard about Equmen’s new range of singlets & undershirts I gotta say I was intrigued. From what I understood they were heralded as the equivalent of a wonder-bra for men. Only instead of an enhanced rack, the whispers were that the Core Precision Undershirt could rid the world of beer bellies. Of course none of the models in Equmen’s campaign looked like they suffered from any sort of paunchy problem, so the only way to know for sure was to try one out for myself.

Not that I have a beer gut of course… how very dare you! But I definitely have a swollen stomach that protrudes when I slouch. The first thing I gotta say was that the V-neck Undershirt I was given to try was difficult to get on in the first place. Obviously it has to be snug to do its job right, but it was quite a feat to get it on without dislocating an arm. However, I’m sure that after a few wears, you would develop a bit of a technique to wrestling it on. The one good part about it not having any sort of zips or buttons is that the shirt gives you a completely seamless fit under your regular clothes. No bumps, lumps or visible stitching.

Although they look like regular singlets or undershirts, they are engineered with a variety of different compression sections to give you the right amount of support where you need it. The aim is to give you a more streamlined silhouette – pull your stomach & sides in, pump up your pecs & help you maintain more flattering posture. The shirt definitely does not give you a completely new body shape, but it does work with what you have to make everything look its best. I noticed that my body remained conscious of its posture without me having to remind myself not to slouch. This would come in really handy after a few drinks when you tend to get really relaxed & forget about standing correctly.

When I touched my chest I felt noticeably firmer. It’s kind of like that feeling when you just finish your workout at the gym & everything feels pumped & at its absolute best (you know, right before it all deflates by the time you’ve finished your protein shake). While I was pleased to see that it did hold my swollen stomach in a little more than usual, I don’t think it would work wonders on any decent sized wobbly beer gut. Those out there who could probably really use something like this would only lose an inch or two round the middle. It’s definitely not any sort of miracle girdle that sucks everything in dramatically. But if you are after a more natural looking streamlined silhouette, that even after you take your regular shirt off just looks like you are wearing a normal singlet, then this is for you.

Another great part was that although the weather was quite stuffy when I tried the shirt out, I didn’t feel uncomfortably warm. I had a long sleeve t-shirt over the thick undershirt, & barely broke a sweat at all. I later found out that the range utilizes body temp controlling material. Nifty!

All in all I would recommend the Equmen range to those who are soft around the middle, as opposed to the full-blown pregnant man look. If you’re suffering from a few bulges here & there, give it a try. Think of it like Spanx for men. It’s not a miracle worker, but it can turn pudgy to polished.

High Compression
V-Neck Black Medium Size
RRP: $109.00