Kahlil Ashanti : BASIC TRAINING (Theatre)

BASIC TRAINING: One man, so many personalities
Kahlil Ashanti

How can you not love a show that says ‘pussy’, ‘nigger’ and ‘arse’ at least ten times in the first few minutes? I guess if you struggle with political correctness and don’t subscribe to the ‘if you can’t laugh at your self who can you laugh at school’ then you may find this one man tour de force a bit too in your face. Oh yeah, and he flips the bird twice just for good measure.

Kahlil Ashanti delivers a rapid fire semi autobiographical journey through the mine fields of a military career and wacky family relationships. His four years in the US Air Force entertaining the troops is the framework for this brilliant comedic tale. As a black man growing up in Iowa, who cut his teeth teenage in stand up, he sure knows know how to use comedy to pin point the absurd and incongruous to perfection.

Man. This guy can bring it. He’s all singing, dancing, acting and sweating. Yes, Sweat. He puts push ups and old school rap into the one show and they are not out of place. This is physical comedy at its finest with pectoral ripples and face twitching that would scare a Tourette’s sufferer.

This man is talented. He is a linguistic genius and you are going to leave with a new kit bag of snappy one liner to out bitch your “worm sperm” friends.

His twists and turns through the black pop vernacular will leave you with pains in your sides. The weaving of Negro historical and cultural references into the absurdity of ill defined wars shows the greater madness of the ‘big picture’ of world whilst highlighting the personal conflicts we face. When he tells you his Southern Baptist pastor “had a stage name” you know Kahlil has been splitting his sides all his life about the funny in the every day experience.

Kahlil jabs at racial supremacy movements and black conspiracy theory as he works his way through over a dozen characters, each a rich stereotype played to perfection. The man is full on energy for 1 hour and 10 minutes and leaves you wanting more. Lucky for us he is working on a big screen project that will see his crazy characters become as well know as the nutters that morph from the schizophrenic brains of Sasha Baron Cohen and Mike Myers.

If you miss this show “My arse bleeds for you!”

Seymour Centre 23 June – 4 July
Riverside Theatre Parramatta 6 – 8 July
Bathurst Memorial arts Centre 10 –11 July

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