KELLY CLARKSON :: All I Ever Wanted

The pop powerhouse returns with her latest album and personally i prefer her last rockier album, there are a few “what the?” moments on this CD, but when you are the calibre of Kelly Clarkson, that is like complaining that the chocolate is too chocolatey...

She is just kick ass, and this album returns her to the powerful pop tracks that made her an international superstar (even without Idol’s help)... All I ever wanted os probably THE pop album of the year.

Robert Manser

Rob loves his boy bands and has worked with most of them. When it became too hard to work in Australia with the media - he started Giving a voice to the pop culture scene for over 20 years In his other life he is a creative director, film maker, photographer and designer... but pop is his one true love. Along with imaginary boyfriends, Nick Lachey and Channing Tatum.

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