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This month, as most major labels and artists are still reeling in their New Years Eve hangovers, and we don’t get physical services of great new year product from the labels until mid Jan, we thought we would give you the heads up on some of the activities going on - online! That’s right - indie bands, artists and folks that are flogging themselves around the globe. We are here to show you what can be found online!

Take Me To Paris | Benny Electric

Electro/House/Progressive House is the word dejour for this Qld native... a strong production makes Benny Electric a must listen online. He is fast becoming one of our favourite remixers, and for sure we will see him on an international release in no time at all. |

One Man’s Dream | Str8-up-T

Hailing from Western Sydney, Str8- up-T has been on our radar for several years... he has just released his debut album “One Man’s Dream” and its heaps of fun. The lead single “That Toosh” is an incredibly radio friendly track that shows the potential of Australian, and in particular western Sydney urban sounds. |



Lying Is Your Gun | Sonny Loveless

A mash of inspired emo-style pop punk, with clever song writing, great performance and the ability to infuse genre’s without feeling or sounding like a sell out. These guys from Adelaide are burning up to the point that they desperately need to be signed by a major that can catapult them all around the globe. |

Indestructible | JHAY-C

A Melbourne based producer, Jhay-C has a killer, yet adaptable style that makes his online music presence pop. From urban female grooves to solid thumpin tracks, you will find something you will love on his myspace profile - we know we did! Can’t wait to hear more from this hot - to - trot Aussie production powerhouse! |

Krazy (fest. Lil John) | Pitbull

Pitbull, the star and creator of Mun2’s wildly popular Pitbull’s La Esquina, is ripping it up online. If you haven’t heard of him, he is leading the Latin rap charge while performing along side folks like Lil Jon. Definitely one to watch out for... a new genre of urban is coming and Pitbull has his teeth firmly planted in it! |

Various | The Perry Twins

Ok, it wouldn’t be an online highlight without the Perry Twins - they tick all the boxes, great producers, remixers, and eye candy to boot! A great place to check out their tunes and have a drool - Lol. Looks aside, these boys rock it hard and do hi nrg pop oh so well - and we just love that! |
Robert Manser

Rob loves his boy bands and has worked with most of them. When it became too hard to work in Australia with the media - he started Giving a voice to the pop culture scene for over 20 years In his other life he is a creative director, film maker, photographer and designer... but pop is his one true love. Along with imaginary boyfriends, Nick Lachey and Channing Tatum.

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