Greg Gould brings back the 90's with new duets album

He shot to fame on TV as one of the most successful vocalists to ever come out of The Voice Australia and global fame thanks to his viral hit Don't Let Go. caught up with Greg at his sold-out album launch and showcase in Sydney where he performed tracks from the album with some of his duet partners.

The album launch last night was a smash hit, with some incredible performances by some really amazing singers from the pop world. How did you come up with the concept for the album?

Well after the success of Don’t Let Go I figured I was on a roll by taking something nostalgic and giving it a fresh perspective and I was born in 88 and started recording the album in 2018 and when I started researching 90s songs, Billboard music had an article saying that 1998 was the best year of the 90s for music and when I started looking at tracks to cover I couldn’t of agreed more! I never intended to make it a duets album but once it started to come together and the people all started saying yes I thought well it makes sense given that about 10 of the initial 14 tracks had a featured guest vocalist to turn the entire album into a duets project!


As someone who found a national stage through TV and went on to global success online, what was the process like for you going from TV fame to global recognition?

I loved TV land - it was a great experience for me - don’t let go blowing up like that was a real shock and an experience I will never forget and always be grateful for! It took me around the world and became way bigger than I had ever anticipated

You have some incredible duet partners on the album - can you let us in on any secrets on working with these great people?

Be good to people! There’s no secret - build good relationships and be honest and you can achieve anything.


You really have delivered a strong album and kick-ass performances on it, was there anyone on your wish list that you didn't get this time?

Vanessa Amorosi, and actually I didn’t ask her this time around as I wasn’t expecting the ones I got but I would love to do a track with her.


It's always hard to ask a performer what their favourite track on the album is - but do you have one?

Hmmm I’d have to say The Boy Is Mine. It’s special for so many reasons - the arrangement is gorgeous the video is important and the message behind it. I loved working with Peyton and Lynne.


Who have been the biggest influences in your career to date?

Joanne, Peyton and Maria on this project have become like mentors to me but in terms of musical influences John Farnham, John Legend.
Whitney and Beyoncé are two of my biggest vocal influences.


What are your top five favourite pop songs of all time and why?

Oh wow what a question. Ummm this is hard!! In no particular order - Hallelujah- it takes me to a place of calm and the beautiful melody leaves me in the feels, Home by Shoshana Bean - her voice is nuts and it’s such a beautiful song, Don’t Let Go because it’s for me I guess what My Heart Will Go On (in a much much smaller way) is for me - the audience get excited as much as I love singing it for them - it kinda became a version that belongs to the people. Chains by Tina Arena - I used to sing this at the top of my lungs - my all-time favourite album was Don’t Ask and for my last one I’m gonna just say WHITNEY and anything she ever sang - he voice is my favourite voice of all time.


What do you prefer? Singles or albums?

Hmm... I love a good song but I really love to listen to albums in full to appreciate its journey - I tried to really do that with this album


Name one instrument you wished you could play.

Guitar or sax!!


What would be your ultimate line up for a multi-artist pop concert?

Whitney, Michael, Prince, George Michael, Amy Winehouse!


What's next for Greg Gould?

Lots of touring this year and more music! This is gonna be a huge year of hard work and I really can’t wait!

You can get the news single now and pre order the album which is slated for release in April.

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