Wrong Prom: Xanadu

Like, will you like pash now or like after the dance?

Wrong Prom is a crazy night of dancing and reminiscing the tragic styling of your school days. Just like when you were a teen, the action is on school night and stars at a nice and early 7:00 pm. Tonight’s retro fun was Xanadu inspired, so we all got on our Livvy on and let the tunes take us back to the big hair 80s.

Like, Ok. So, you didn’t have to be Gene Kelly to bust a move at Wrong Prom. The sexy boys and girls from the Urban Dance Centre coached us through the Xanadu routine, so that those of us who can’t tell a pop from a pirouette got our groove on. The mass dance lesson for 300 people was a sight to behold with arms akimbo and the cutest giggles of childish fun.

True to the creative movie masterpiece that is Xanadu, there were muses on roller-skates. In fact there were about 49 Sisters spinning on the roller disco rink. All ethereal and inspiring you to cut loose on the dance floor and fulfil all your dreams and desires to be a true disco queen (or king).

The 80s was a time fashion thought it had forgotten. Not tonight. Leotards, hair bobbles, bubble skirts and head bands made some killer style statements. Leave your good taste at the door and put on all those loved kooky dresses and funky shorts and strut. The electric colours of the crowd will have you asking “Why did I ever stop wearing electric blue eye shadow and not hold on to that lime green unitard?” What a total spazz.

All good proms need an MC and at Wrong Prom we got the crazy antics of multi-talented writer/director/actor/comedian/nutcase Drew Fairley. In addition to a full platter of tunes from the Electric Light Orchestra, mythical goddess DJ Sveta pumping out the best tracks from the 80s. You could squeeze in all the daggy dancing your leg warmers could contain.

Oh, and yes, there is no need to smuggle your home mixed bourbon and coke in a plastic drink bottle. You can get a grown up cocktail at the bar to help you shake off any last shackles of self consciousness as you worship at the disco ball. The night is so infectiously fun you’ll laugh with your friends until your faces goes bright cerise.

If your 18 or 80, or even 8 months up the duff, Wrong Prom is a full night of fun and friendship. So what’s the catch to this night of delicious oddball fun? You’ll have to wait until next year. The prom season is over for 2009. Use the off season wisely to get your best trashy dance outfit together and book early ‘cause Xanadu was a sell out.

How can you not love the Urban Dance Centre, 2SER, FBi Radio and Carriageworks for giving us the Wednesday night delight of Wrong Prom. It was a mega-dance-o-rama!


WrongProm was held at Carriageworks, August 5, 2009.  

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