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KATY PERRY : One Of The Boys

From the metrosexual bashing You’re So Gay (which is H-I-Larious!) to the Lesbo-licious ‘I Kissed A Girl’ Katy Perry has been singing her way through the gender minefield with awesome pop sensibilities and catchy hooks galore!

The album is just as good as her first two singles and we have it on high rotation.

Definitely destined to be one of the standout artists of 2008, Katy offers up 12 tasty morsels on ‘One Of The Boys’....

We just want to know if she will be headlining Sleaze Ball or Mardi Gras anytime soon? If so, we will be front and centre!

Loving it!



With a 22 page press release in tow, the best of the Whitlams landed on my desk - and to be honest I only thought they had one or two hits.

No doubt they are an awesome band, so if you are only familiar with their top 40-penetrating material, this disc will get you up to speed.

The Whitlams have had a long and interesting career - especially on the live circuit, & they should be proud of such a showcase piece. Oh did I mention it comes with a bonus DVD?



DOLLY PARTON : Backwoods Barbie

OK, this has to be one of THE releases of 2008 to date. Her appearance on American Idol performing ‘Jesus and Gravity’ proved to any doubters that Dolly definitely has a lot of life left in her. Not only was it released on her own label, but her song-writing skills SHINE on this disc.

Dolly also performs a couple of covers including ‘Drives Me Crazy’ by Fine Young Cannibals and the Motown classic, ‘The Tracks of My Tears’ giving them a really cool Nashville twist.

A Total talent and a disc worthy of Grammy nomination for sure! The artwork for the album is brilliant too - so its well worth the trip to the record store to buy the physical copy.



There is normally not much point in reviewing singles anymore - as you may as well just get em on iTunes - but when a single comes along that’s collectible, includes bonus features like videos - then that’s what its about right?!

Chris has released one of those - and its a corker - so why not pay for a physical copy and get some bonus stuff for yourself - you know your going to digitise it anyway! haha.

Chris is one of those true pop style artists that still thinks of how his fans interact with his product.(And the song is great too!)


VA : Pink Tie

Set for release on July 20, Pink Tie is THE BEST compilation album so far produced this year - and with a swathe of stars backing it, your purchase will help raise much needed funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation!

Artists like Missy Higgins, Youth Group, Josh Pyke & more give you a CD well worth the cash, let alone the charity “tie” in!


JOHN MAYER : Where The Light Is...

Has John Mayer finally let the celebrity side of life effect his work - well if this record is anything to go by, no.

The record is a three part presentation on one disc - rounding out a live performance in Los Angles (thus the name) it has an acoustic set, a trio set (from his trio project no doubt!) and a band set. All three are executed in true John Mayer style and allow the listener to enjoy each presentation for what it is.

Live recordings of concerts usually disappoint, as unless your there, 9 times out of ten, you miss the point. But this is a great album in its own right.


VA : Club Classics

A great concept, but there really is no flow to this compilation - touted as three discs of 20 years of dance anthems, it really is more a retro album, with a couple of last years mediocre ‘hits’ thrown in - think Black Box, Dr Alban, N-Trance - its more this vibe than dance music - maybe its time to bust out the fluro orange overalls and glow sticks again!

It would have been cool to do a progressive disc per decade kind of set up - but the tracklisting is all over the place, and there are significant tracks from this period missing (i know licensing can be a bitch - but hey...) You’re better off - to be honest - buying the tracks you like individually on iTunes.


ROBYN LOAU : Malaria

10 years is far too long for a label to hold onto an album of this calibre, and really why wasn’t it released in the first place? Everyone’s favorite Girlfriend was due to release this solo album after critical acclaim and commercial success of the first few singles (the rest of the album was a triumph also) making it one of the most anticipated albums back then - but thanks to some very influential & clever folk, the CD is now back - not only on CD, but on iTunes and Robyn is also the first Female artist to release it on USB Wristband! How cool is that?

This is THE album of the month - heck - the whole year!


Missy Higgins Makes Waves In The USA

After six months touring the U.S., Missy Higgins is making real inroads. Her single “Where I Stood” is already a genuine hit in cities like Atlanta and Minneapolis and the story is spreading with a dozen new stations adding the track each week this month. Tomorrow Missy will fan these flames when she performs on the hugely popular “Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. It will air in Australia on The Comedy Channel at 10.30pm on Friday, August 29th. This will be her fourth – and biggest - major American TV performance and follows recent bookings on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and “The Jimmy Kimmel Show”.

Missy will then head out on tour yet again for a few weeks opening for the Indigo Girls before heading right across America as special guest of piano man Ben Folds from September 24 through November 14. All this follows hot on the heels of a recent headlining run which saw her sell out major venues such as the 1400 capacity Webster Hall in New York City. This growing buzz based largely on her memorable live shows is, of course, reminiscent of the way in which Missy’s music originally came to attention in Australia.

In the coming months Missy will release a brand-new digital EP in the U.S, entitled “Where I Stood”. The song has already been downloaded over 100,000 times via U.S. iTunes alone in recent months after being featured in popular TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Smallville, One Tree Hill, Brothers & Sisters, and The Hills.


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