VA: Crave

Nearly one full year from gaining the IT List Award for being your favourite Aussie DJ, Havana Brown has FINALLY been given her very own CD release. Crave is a two disc shiner that themes CLUB & LOVE in a new and exciting way.

She knows her shiz, and steps over local confines of label limitations to bring some slamming tracks that you love, and you may not have heard, including Making The Band 4’s Donnie Klang as well as long term favourites Timbaland, Ciara, Chris Brown & more... its about time Havana got this release, so go out & buy it!


Tina Arena : Songs Of Love & Loss Volume 2

The Diva is back and although major success with the first volume could have swayed her to play it safe, Tina has chosen songs that defy conformity to give us an album that stands alone in its brilliance.

The stunning thing about Tina is you know she could sing incy-wincy spider and it would send shivers down your spine! SOL&L2 is a clever, intriguing & defining album. These may be covers - but the way she owns them you would think that they were Tina originals. Realistically if you didn’t know she was covering Alice Cooper, you’d just think ‘Only Women Bleed’ was an awesome original with the sophistication you’d expect from this level of superstar.

This album has raised a few eyebrows, and I think that’s great... I can’t wait to hear this and other songs at her upcoming tour, but if you cant make it to the venues - you know the CD is exactly what you will get anyway... perfectly produced and delivered with real emotion. Awesome.


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2 Discs of music that currently has the teen world jumping for joy - and with a staggered release of the film across the world, at least Aussies have the opportunity of knowing the songs before seeing the movie.

Disc One is the Soundtrack, with all the new songs from the movie including the stand outs , Right Here Right Now, and it even has a "graduation remix" of 'We're All In This Together'... which is kinda cute.

Disc Two is a DVD with the typical Making Of's, Now Or Never Music Video and the movie trailer - not really worth doing a DVD for just that stuff, but the Making Of is more of a doco - so the length makes up for it!

HSM 3 might be the end of the current generation of Wildcats, but at least they have gone out with a bang.

Sleaze Ball 2008 The Villains Lair

What a night - right from the early start, you knew the frocked up and fabulous crowd would make this night a pure delight.

Over 5,000 punters swished into the Hordern Pavillion for Australia' leading costume party... the theme of Villains Lair was definitely taken on board with vampires, 4,000 Heath Ledger Clowns (with one particularly stunning Joker "nurse") the other 1,000 didn't dress up at all - keeping in step with tshirts and jeans (me included, but hey - i was working!) or did the usual leather harness vibe that permeates dance parties (even from non leather folk!). Mixing in with scenic that set the mood, you were transported into a cyber-tronic lair of seediness and sexiness, flanked by four gender bending statues and banks of LED screens.

The volunteers, staff and producers made sure that everything ran smoothly for both guests and media - the one thing we missed this year was the massage people - as after a while of dancing around and taking photos - boy did we need a rub down!

The entertainment kicked off with a super-villain show featuring drag queens, Mitzi Macintosh and Tora Hymen. Although it was a cute number - the intro voiceover (which also did the DJ intro/outros all night) was far too over produced to the point you could not understand it, and was actually painful to listen too. The direction of the number was sloppy and all over the shop - you didn't know really where to focus during the number, and with several leads - it meant that most people lost the point of the show - but for plain colour and movement - it was fabulous.

The show went straight into The Potbelleez set, where they started out with their two big hits, with hands in the air - and then it was a blur of green and black after that... but thats Sleaze Ball... darker, dirtier and hazier than most events.

For most of the night the music inside was a complete let down - at times it sounded like the DJ had just decided to play loops from their GarageBand library. It was disappointing - as dark sexy music does not have to be dull - soulless or monotonous!

The Forecourt presented a bit more of a dynamic sound - with a bit more anthemic hands in the air music - with our favorites, Jake Kilby and Luke Leal being the standouts of the night... reading the crowds perfectly - to the point that people were still dancing through the downpour in the wee hours of the morning, and their sets had a great mix of deep, dark and anthemic - the perfect rollercoaster ride you expect at a Sleaze Ball.

The other item I was at odds with was the countdown clock on the screens... maybe 10 minutes before a show or other happening you could pop up the clock - to let people know somethings about to go down - but seeing it all night was kind of depressing - knowing you only had 3 hours and 15 minutes left to have fun. I would have preferred to see imagery from films and other content that would showcase the great villains of popular culture... maybe even using the scene from Superman where he flys fast around the world to change time - when Daylight savings kicked in - now that would have been cool!

The closing show starred Demi from So You Think You Can Dance, and although a great dance performance, I am not sure how it was placed for the closing number of the show. I would have loved to have seen this at 4am instead of the "bears" rubbing themselves with what looked like mud... with a more "up" number - or singer delivering a kick ass "thanks for coming" show to send punters on their way home.

All in all, Sleaze Ball can be classed as a success.

Check out photos form Sleaze Ball in our Photo Galleries.

Donavon Frankenreiter : Pass It Around

From the up tempo opening guitar riff on this CD to the final send off, you will feel a solid, inspirational and motivated effort by a very talented musician.

Donovan brings us his third and most likely biggest hit album with this offering. Its appealing to multiple markets, has a great sound you could hear on a TV promo for summer - or at the most “credible” indie pub on a Sunday afternoon. Its fun and stylish without being pretentious. Its just great music full stop.

Do yourself a favour and go out and check out this artist and all his releases - I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised - I know I was!


VA: MOS Clubbers Guide Spring 2008

Can I kiss the MOS team squarely on the mouth - possibly with tongues!? I LURVE this CD compilation. I was totally surprised that Groove Terminator was back back back with this CD, very cool mixes by GT and Raye Antonelli. Its touted as the Spring edition - and its a great way to shake off the winter blues for sure. Tracks like Hearts On Fire (Cut Copy) and Love Me Love You (Tommy Trash) just make you want to go out and buy lots of festival tickets!


Shannon Noll : Summertime

I am a fan of Shannon Noll - I like his appeal, style and sound - but this track unfortunately does nothing for him.

Why record a lead song for an upcoming “greatest hits” album - when it really does not suit the artist?

Its a shame as Shannon has the potential to outlast many non Idol artists - his Aussie and international appeal is undisputable - but this song is just a silly choice.

He writes better tracks himself and this is just a darn shame.

The million selling lad should be treated better than this.

Its not a hideous song - its just not worthy of Shannon Noll. zzzzzzzz


VA: Hip Hop The 2008 Collection

Whoever put this CD together had the label interest at heart rather than actually producing a credible hip hop album you could actually call “hip hop”!

Since when are Nelly Furtado, Fergie or Janet Jackson hip hop?

You’d think I am just bitching - but the list goes on and on. This release should be called “The best from Universal Music’s Commercial Music Catalogue” rather than Hip Hop 2008.

No wonder fans crack the shits when things are misrepresented. If the labels cant get it right then should they be surprised when it does not sell?

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