The Lion King - The Diamond Edition

  • Written by Robert Manser
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Disney's classic animated masterpiece roars onto Blu-ray Value Pack and DVD this October and its a reason to celebrate, as seeing this classic Disney movie in BLURAY or Hi Def is so worth it.

Cartoons always translate well to high def sets and devices and with the storyline of the Lion King, you are in for a treat.

Wether you want to relive the memories of the first time you saw it, or the ten thousandth time you were forced to see it (ok come on, you know you wanted to) its great entertainment for all the family.

Now extensively restored and remastered, experience The Lion King from its magnificent musical opening over breathtaking African vistas to its emotional climax. The all- star vocal talents -- including Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, Nathan Lane, and our absolute favourite, Whoopie Goldberg you are in for one stellar ride.

The Lion King Diamond Edition will bring the classic film to 3D and Blu-ray High Definition for the first time since its original release in 1994. The film was the highest grossing motion picture of 1994 worldwide and winner of two Golden Globes and two Academy Awards.

Featuring groundbreaking immersive bonus features, this release will take old fans back to their “Hakuna Matata” days and attract new cubs to the pride.

Bonus Features for DVD
The Lion King: A Memoir from producer Don Hahn

Bonus features for Blu-ray & DVD
Timon & Pumbaa’s Vacation Safari
Deleted Scenes
Timon: Behind The Legend
Before the Beginning: The Making of The Lion King 3 “Grazin’ in The Grass” Music Video

The film will also be in cinemas for a limited run 19 September (QLD), and 22 September (all other states).

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  • Written by Robert Manser
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Fist pumping, tan, gym and laundry… take the Jersey guido's out of Jersey and stick them in Miami, and that's the premise of Season Two.

The cast are back, with bigger pay cheques and even bigger attitudes.

Jersey Shore really is train wreck television at its worst, if you think that this show is something to look up to, then lord help you. lol

From drunken situations to arrests because of drunken situations. Its ALL class on this DVD. But what do you expect?

The now INFAMOUS cast deliver trash and more - and this uncensored version is really the only way to experience it - cos if your going to be that trashy, you may as well be TRASHY!

Get your guilty fill of jersey Shore on DVD, get it uncensored from July 21.

Aw Hell Yeah!

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Pinnocchio 70th Anniversary 2 Disc Platinum Edition.

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  • Category: DVD

Another Disney classic comes to us in a multi pack format - completely loving this idea - its great for families too - cos mum and dad can have the posh blurry and the kids can throw around and play again and again the standard dvd release.

I love this film, and the classic Disney moments on this release are only superseded by the second blu ray disc of bonus features.

Making of's, bonus songs, deleted scenes, games, audio commentary and heaps more - its fantabulous!

Grab a copy of the platinum edition and loose yourself in this particular Disney world for a day - its so worth it.

This release hits retail stores on June 30, 2011

4/5 points

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Diamond Edition

  • Written by Robert Manser
  • Category: DVD

You have to give it to Disney - they really know how to make a repackage worthwhile. It was only recently that original Disney classic movies were even released ot us lucky consumers, and now with the invention of BluRay - you may be slapping the nearest retailer for yet ANOTHER format to buy - but luckily with this release, it comes not only with the BlurRay dics, but a standard DVD release swell. Nice.

Snow White the movie itself in no way needs a review - as its just brilliant, but the transfer of this title onto crisp blurry technology makes you sit-up and diveinto the screen that much more.

To top it off, the release comes with over 5 hours of additional bonus content, to keep any fan happy, including audio commentary from Walt Disney himself! Awesome.

This release hits retail stores on June 30, 2011