'I Need Your Body' celebrates 25 years

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'I Need Your Body' celebrates 25 years Tina Arena - I Need Your Body

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Could it really be 25 years since the release of Tina Arena's camp anthem, 'I Need Your Body'??

Shaking off any preconceived notions of "Tiny Tina" from her days on 'Young Talent Time', Tina set out to present herself as a full-grown adult pop artist. Back in 1990, the charts were ruled by Madonna, Janet Jackson & Paula Abdul. While they were known for their sizzling dance beats, none were exactly considered powerhouse vocalists.
For her debut, Tina blended the dance beats of the era with a vocal performance that set her aside from the rest. The impact was instant - 'I Need Your Body' shot up the charts with Platinum sales, ending up as the second biggest selling Australian single of the year.

The abandoned theatre, the cleavage, a frantically dancing silhouette & bowls of leaves??
The music video is the stuff of legend. So much so it earned a parody from Gina Riley that itself would be remembered fondly.
Tina performed the song at the 1991 Mardi Gras party (
Click here to read more about that!), then left it untouched for a few decades. Longtime fans rejoiced when she dusted it off for her Australian tour last year.

Happy 25th anniversary to a true Aussie pop classic!

BONUS: Check out this performance from the Richard Wilkins years of MTV, with a certain 'Dancing With The Stars' judge as Tina's dance partner.

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