Rhythm Nation 25

  • Written by  Pez
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Friday, September 19th marked the 25th anniversary of the critically acclaimed album, 'Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814'.

A greatly ambitious concept album, Janet aimed to mix dance beats with a social conscience. Upon release, it received a luke-warm response from critics, who thought she was naive to think audiences would be responsive to dance tracks about education, racism, violence and poverty. However, they couldn't have been more wrong.
To date, it's the only album in history to generate 7 Top 5 singles. Unlike today, when an album run is lucky to last 6 months, with '1814' Janet achieved #1 singles in 3 separate calendar years. She was able to keep this incredible momentum going with a string of fresh and exciting music videos. Let's take a look back at her groundbreaking hits.
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